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How To Innovate » Investor In Innovations Standard Aligned to ISO 56002 Innovation Management System

The IKE Institute (IKE) is the UK’s professional body for innovators. IKE is represented on the BSI (British Standards Institute)/ ISO (International Standards Organisation) Committee for developing international standards for innovation. 

IKE brings the ISO 56000 Innovation Management Series criteria into the Investor in Innovations Standard to provide a Powerful Benchmarking and Certification Standard. 

The Investor in Innovations provides a realised Framework enabling all parts of the ISO 56000 Innovation Management Guidance Series to be integrated in an effective and coherent way. This effective combination offers organisations the following benefits:

  • Increase their ability to manage uncertainty
  • Increase growth in revenue, profit, capability and competitiveness
  • Increase productivity and resource efficiency and promote agility
  • Increase satisfaction of users, customers and other stakeholders
  • Generate an effective Action Plan to drive continuous improvement

This document outlines how the Investor in Innovations Standard inculcates the full mapping of all the current Standards within the ISO 56000 Guidance Series. It is only available to those customers that have started the Investor in Innovations process.

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