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As the UK professional body for innovation, we are very pleased to be asked to sit on the BSI/ISO National Technical Committee (TC 279) to share our significant experience in innovation accreditation and benchmarking gained through the Investor in Innovations®, the IKE Assured® and the related professional development Standards and Certification Programmes.

The TC 279 Committee proposed a series of 7 Standards to act as Guidelines for Innovation Management (Under Development). These guidance standards are:

1. Fundamentals and Vocabulary ISO 56000
2. Innovation Management System — Guidance ISO 56002
3. Tools and Methods for innovation partnership — Guidance ISO 56003
4.  Assessment - Guidance ISO 56004
5. Intellectual Property Management  — Guidance ISO 56005
6. Strategic Intelligence Management — Guidance ISO 56006
7. Idea Management - Guidance ISO 56007
8. Innovation management — tools and methods for innovation operation measurements — Guidance ISO 56008

The first of these ISO Standards (56003 and 56004) have now been completed by the Committee. Others are being developed and will be published in due course once they reach the final approval stage. 

The IKE Institute’s Investor in Innovations Standard takes into consideration the TC279 standards guidance and provides an integrated and coherent platform for preparing an organisation to meet the ISO compliancy requirements.


In addition, the IKE Institute’s Certified Innovation courses continue offer a rich source for professional development in the innovation discipline to equip the individual practitioners and business leaders to purse their initiatives and future innovation assessments with confidence.

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