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The IKE Institute (IKE) is the UK’s professional body for innovators. IKE is represented on the BSI (British Standards Institute)/ ISO (International Standards Organisation) Committee for developing the international standards for innovation.

IKE Institute's Investor in Innovations® (I3) Standard is a robust and well-established Benchmarking Assessment and Validation Framework (Figure 1) that comprises of the following categories:

Figure 1
Investor in Innovations Standard - Framework Categories

Applying Investor in Innovations can help an organisation to »

  • Benchmark its approach to innovation in accordance to the ISO 56002 Guidance
  • Generate a more effective roadmap for its growth opportunity profiles
  • Create a better focus on developing innovation portfolios
  • Drive a more flexible and collaborative culture to support innovation
  • Reconfigure and strengthen its ecosystem
  • Underpin and inform its key transformation and business improvement initiatives
  • Formulate impact scorecards to measure innovation performance
  • Enhance R&D focus and achieve better leverage from open innovation
  • Improve its business operating model
  • Create a differentiated market positioning

Investor In Innovations brings in the ISO 56000 Innovation Management Series criteria to provide a Powerful Benchmarking & Validation Standard.

IKE Institute’s Investor in Innovations provides a realised framework enabling all parts of the ISO 56000 Innovation Management Guidance Series to be integrated in an effective and coherent way.

Having this alignment also enables ISO recommended Good Practice to be incorporated, thus offering an unprecedented level of innovation support and expert guidance to fast-track an organisation’s innovation capabilities.

The Investor in Innovations Standard can help organisations to »

  • Increase their ability to manage uncertainty
  • Increase growth in revenue, profit, capability and competitiveness
  • Increase productivity and resource efficiency and promote agility
  • Increase satisfaction of users, customers and other stakeholders
  • Generate an effective Action Plan to drive continuous improvement

The new ISO 56002 (part of the ISO 56000 series) Innovation Management Systems is intended as a Guidance Standard and not a Regulatory Compliance Standard. It sets out common definitions and language, promotes the need for a systematic approach to innovation and promotes the adoption of good practices [1].

The ISO 56000 Innovation Management Series »

  • ISO 56000 - Fundamentals and Vocabulary
  • ISO 56002 - Innovation Management System – Guidance
  • ISO 56003 - Tools and Methods for Innovation Partnership – Guidance
  • ISO 56004 - Innovation Management Assessment – Guidance
  • ISO 56005 - Intellectual Property Management – Guidance
  • ISO 56006 - Strategic Intelligence Management – Guidance (in development) [2]
  • ISO 56007 - Idea Management – Guidance (in development)
  • ISO 56008 - Tools and Methods for Innovation Operation Measurements – Guidance (in development)

Investor In Innovations Aligns to ISO 56000 Innovation Management Guidance Series

The framework in Figure 2 illustrates how the categories in Investor in Innovations have been mapped and align with the ISO 56000 Innovation Management Series.

Figure 2
Investor in Innovations Alignment to ISO 56000 Innovation Management Series

The Investor in Innovations Standard inculcating the current ISO 56000 series Guidance Standards will be awarded to the successfully validated organisation for a period of 3 years.

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IKE Institute’s Certified Innovation Training Programmes at Practitioner and Leader levels underpin people development in innovation and support the creation of a strong innovation culture.

[1] The published Guidance Standards can be purchased from the British Standards Institute

[2] Remains in Development by the ISO TC 279

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