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This Accelerated one-day online course is aimed at Business Leaders who wish to apply innovation more strategically and systematically to improve business performance, and ultimately drive growth!


Active leadership that challenges limiting assumptions is an essential element for enabling successful innovation. This course will inform and shape the design parameters for innovation initiatives to ensure alignment with business strategy. It will support individuals in the leadership, management and governance of innovation within their organisations.

Through the use of tools, techniques and examples, participants will understand how to build and validate a new business model, improve organisational readiness to support innovation and create a sustainable innovation capability to drive performance excellence.


By attending you will understand: 

  • How to become responsible innovative leader
  • How to develop and build a resilient, open and adaptive innovation capability
  • How to apply experimental thinking to create winning innovation strategies
  • How to build, lead and/or influence your ecosystem
  • How to scenario plan and develop your future business and operating models
  • How to build and sustain a culture of innovation that embraces a growth mindset
  • How to improve the level of innovation maturity and pace
  • How to develop innovation-horizons and portfolio investment profiles
  • How to assemble the building blocks for effective digital transformation
  • How to create market advantage through digital transformation and exploitation
  • How to assess core innovation competencies
  • How to build emerging technologies trend spotting programmes
  • How to improve Innovation Governance to enable better and timely decisions
  • How to measure progress, impact and value from innovation investments
  • How to align and cohere innovation to your business’ values
  • How to leverage the new international innovation standards. 












This is a postgraduate level programme. It covers Six key sections and is normally delivered in one day:

  1. Aligning Innovation to Strategy: Understand the business context, Identify sources of disruptive vectors, The Tyranny of the ‘S Curve’ in business, Determine the business innovation maturity level(s), Set the innovation focus, Establish your innovation model's Building blocks, Explore Blue Ocean Strategy to Enhance the business position, Estimate the Innovation gap (Identify the Value Gap), Establish Innovation Portfolios to guide Innovation Investment, Determine the Shape of Innovation Investment and  Set the Organisation’s Direction of Impact, Develop Innovation Strategy, Create an Adaptive Organisation, Adjust Business and Operational Plans.
  2. Increasing Organisational Innovation Readiness: The Role of a Leader in Stimulating Innovation, The Innovative Responsible Leader (the multifunctional role), Instilling a Culture of Innovation, Building-up the business innovation competency stacks to develop a regenerative culture, Evolving your own Leadership Competencies, Assigning roles to elevate, enable and scale up innovation, Establishing Innovation Governance, Balancing Guidelines and Guardrails, Establishing distributed Centres of Excellence.
  3. Identifying Core Capabilities, Technologies and IP: Building Differentiated Capabilities and Core Competencies, Using Value-Capability Framework to prioritise innovation focus and identify areas for realignment and/or reconfiguration, Spotting and Leveraging New and Emerging Technologies, Cohering innovation internally and externally, Exploring the Technology Hype Cycle(s) and identifying the fastest growing Innovation Profiles, Assessing impact of new technology trend on your business, Establishing technology development Layers and Horizons in line with business needs, Developing and/or upgrading Technology Roadmaps, Stage-gating readiness and alignment, Understanding the role of IP in line with ISO 56005 Innovation Management, Intellectual Property Management.
  4. Monitoring and Distilling Industry Foresights: Applying a Systematic Intelligence Gathering and Validation Process (in line with ISO 56004  Innovation Management Strategic Intelligence Management), Using PESTLE and using SWOT analysis to assess impact on business, Utilizing Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, Creating a proactive Intelligence Capability to guide your next move.
  5. Understanding Your Customer: Tools for identifying pain points (the need and demand signals), Customer Journey Mapping, Business Ecosystem Mapping.
  6. Measuring Innovation Performance and Determining Impact and Value: Establishing baseline measures for determining impact and value from innovation initiatives, Identifying the What, the Why and the How Innovation Should be measured, Linking Innovation Performance to the overall Business Performance, KPIs/OKRs. Selecting Metrics and Data Types, Using Value Pyramid to demonstrate innovation performance, Benchmarking innovation capability and readiness, Making brave choices.


Senior executives wishing to apply innovation strategically and coherently to improve organisational performance, adaptability and resilience, thus, driving business value and ultimately growth.


This programme is delivered to a postgraduate qualification level (level 7).


Leaders from different sectors including: Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Activate Learning, Adnoc, Arriva Plc, Army Innovation, BAE Systems, BAPCO, Bahrain Ministry of Interior, British Army, Bosch, Cobham, Costain, City of Birmingham University, City of Glasgow College, Huawei, Cherwell South Northamptonshire & Stratford upon Avon Council, Cleveland Clinic, Coleg Menai, DASA Defence and Security Accelerator, DE&S, Global Aluminium, jHub Strategic Command, King Saoud University, Ministry of Defence (UK), Murphy Construction, Masdar, Mubadala, NATO, Oman Ministry of Transport, Information and Communication, Panasonic, Plessey Semiconductors, Plymouth University, Raytheon, Rolls-Royce, Royal Airforce, Royal Engineers, Royal Mail, Royal Navy, Royal London Hospital, Skanska, Severn Trent Water, Thales, Toyota, United Utilities, University of Bahrain, Wolverhampton University, XPO Logistics and many more….


Learning materials will be provided. Upon completion of the programme, participants will be eligible for a Certificate from the Institute of Innovation & Knowldge Exchange as well as a full Fellowship of the IKE Institute.


Prof Sam Medhat

Professor Medhat is Chief Executive of the IKE Institute where he helps businesses and academic institutions develop effective strategies for growth. Medhat is a Trustee of the STEM Foundation, a Visiting Professor to University of Westminster, a Visiting Professor to Plymouth's University of St Mark & St John, a serial entrepreneur, a business innovator and an inventor with patents and extensive publications and books worldwide. Medhat sits on the boards of a number of international companies and colleges. He is also a member of the BSI and ISO Technical Committees for developing Innovation Management Standards. He has worked in business, education and policy and has a unique perspective on what makes an organisation really innovative. Professor Medhat led innovation accreditations and benchmarking certifications in many multinational organisations such as Abellio, BAE Systems, EDF Energy, Hitachi Nuclear, Magnox, MBDA Missile Systems, Ministry of Defence, Panasonic, Raytheon and Thales amongst others. 

Medhat has an established reputation for driving forward ideas and making things happen. Former roles include Vice President of NASDAQ technology company, IBM Professor of Concurrent Engineering, Intergraph Professor of Electronic Design Automation, founding Principal & Chief Executive of the University of Dubai, Director of the UK Engineering and Technology Board, Governor of Activate Learning (a group of colleges in Oxfordshire and Berkshire). He holds a PhD and Master degrees in engineering and technology and is a fellow of a number of royal chartered professional institutions in technology, management and marketing..


This course will be delievered live online via Zoom. 

Date: TBC

Price: £840.00p

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"An excellent day that has provided me with useful knowledge and toolset to take back to my organisation, in order to develop my innovation leadership.”

Air Commodore Jez Holmes OBE, Head of the RCO, RAF, MoD, UK

"An incredibly detailed and well delivered course. There is some incredible reference material and lots of ideas to progress as an Innovation Leader.”

Lt Col Haydn Gaukroger, Defence Academy, Strategic Command, MoD, UK

"Excellently delivered course by an exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable tutor. Sam's knowledge, experience, and ability to use real world business examples really helped articulate certain areas of the course. Although pitched at a slightly higher level than that which I currently require, I have no doubt that I will put some of the skills learnt into practice in the future and I'll strive to continue developing my knowledge and experience within innovation.”

Sgt Junior Sullivan, Royal School of Artillery, Army, MoD, UK

"This was a really good course. Intelligent and informative instruction, I got more than I expected from the course. It wasn't easy, (not that being easy is good) but does have really relevant tie ins from other courses that I have done, without overlap. I would happily recommend this to anyone who is likely to go into a role where fostering an innovation mindset in people is important.”

Capt Dan Taylor, Port and Maritime Regiment, British Army

"A very useful synthesis of innovation best practice, captured in a coherent framework. Good positioning of Innovation in the context of strategy.”

Dr Alvin Wilby, Vice President (Research Technology & Innovation), Thales Group

“Very useful tools. Very applicable to our strategy development!”

Julian Hasinski, Technical Director, Raytheon UK

“Very thought-provoking and good to hear from people who have done it!”

Rapid Capability Office, Royal Air Force

“ The course exceeded my expectations. Thought-provoking but qualified with great examples! ”

Carl Arntzen, CEO, Bosch Thermotechnology

"This course is totally switched on and connected. A fantastic experience!"

Alex Craig, Deputy Principal Edinburgh College

"This course is of highest quality and superb value."

Michael LeGoff, CEO Plessey Semiconductors

“Informative and professionally delivered programme.”

Dawn Robertson, Toyota UK

“A truly excellent course. It helped me to better understand the challenges in embedding innovation in our business and also crystallise the things we are doing well.”

James Lewis, Business Growth & Innovation Leader Network Rail

“Excellent Course.”

Hardev Hughes, Rolls Royce

“Enormous amount of content to absorb. The board level insight was invaluable”

Sarah Shipley, Assurance Director, Costain

“Hugely interesting and informative. A very well-structured course. Good to see outside the education sector how business leaders tackle innovation!”

Dr Ian Rees, Principal Coleg Menai, Wales

“Excellent, I really enjoyed the last two days. And I certainly feel inspired and ready to use these techniques in all key areas in my organisation.”

Jo Tipa, Operations Director, UK National Skills Academy for Nuclear

"Bring the subject alive with breadth & depth of knowledge."

Jonathan MacWilliam, Cherwell South Northamptonshire & Stratford upon Avon Council

“Outstanding! I am looking forward to applying everything I have learned to the next phase of my organisation’s development." 

Stella Mbubaegbu CBE, Chief Executive, Highbury College.

"Fantastic! Virtually, one-to-one. Insights from presenters."

Dr Bob Stear, Head of Innovation, Severn Trent Water

"Very thought-provoking. The material and conversations have helped in providing more options/tools to help with the evolution of aspects of the business.."

Dave Short, Engineering Director, MAI, BAE Systems

“Very Powerful tools that I can use immediately! Very authoritative innovation course. Great experience."

Jason Loh, Head of IP & Strategy Panasonic.

"Great coourse. Great value."

Dr Leila Jeffers, R&D Innovations Leader, TT Electronics

"Lots of information! Liked the different models and overlays, and all will be very useful to me."

Cathy Davis, Head of Investment Programmes, Strategy Technology, BAE Systems

"The course was superb - difficult to overstate how valuable I found the insights into the business of Innovation. The course was a great array of practical, implementable tools allied to an over-arching conceptual framework that cut through a lot of the mysticism that some innovation practitioners would prefer their art to be wrapped in. Equally important, were the peer-to-peer discussions. All in all, a great day's education."

Col Nigel RM Tai, Consultant Vascular & Trauma Surgeon, Royal London Hospitals

"Great ideas, models and food for thought. Many are directly applicable to my role immediately."

Jo Humphries, Director, Arriva Transport Group