Innovation Institute

The Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute) is the UK's professional body for innovators, established in 2011 with a Government mandate to ensure innovation is seen as a professional discipline that requires knowledge, skills and competency development. The Institute accredits, certifies, benchmarks, and provides research, development, training and mentoring in innovation and digital transformation, in such sectors as construction, defence, education, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, nuclear, security, technology and transportation.

IKE Institute’s work is guided by the Innovation Council, which brings together senior business leaders representing different economic sectors. The Institute runs think-tanks, conducts research studies, delivers certified training, develops new business models and provides tools to support organisations in their strategic innovation developments.

We influence the inter-relationship between education, business, and government through research and collaborative networks. Our Innovation Manifesto highlights our commitment to support the development of innovative people and organisations. The IKE Institute sits on the UK Scientific and Parliamentary Committee and the BSI/ISO Technical Committees for Innovation, Defence Standardisation and Artificial Intelligence, amongst others.