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Creative Engine Project

Creativity and innovation are prerequisites for generating and sustaining competitive advantage. However, whilst engineering is a highly disciplined subject, the elements of Creativity and Innovation are often not recognised and further developed in Engineers as a set of essential multidisciplinary skills that enable teams and organisations to turn their ideas into value.

Therefore, this Erasmus supported project [Creative Engine] is intended to boost Engineering Companies capacity for creativity and innovation for both social and economic reasons. In particular, the need was identified for skills and competencies that enable people to embrace change/disruption as an opportunity and to be open to new ideas that promote innovation and active participation in a knowledge-based society.

The project has five key outcomes including:

  1. The development of 6 new training modules on Creativity and Innovation in Engineering
  2. A Report on the Innovation Skills needs of Engineering Industries across Europe
  3. The production of Infographic report on Creativity and Innovation Needs
  4. The Provision of Supplementary Resources Package on Creativity and Innovation
  5. An Online Toolkit that companies can use to build awareness and understanding of creativity and innovation skills

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A copy of the report will be made available to you.

We look forward to your participation.

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