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Inventing the Future: transforming STEM economies

Inventing the Future: transforming STEM economies was published by NEF: The Innovation Institute on 2nd July 2014. It is based on consultations with more than 100 companies ranging from multinationals to SME start-ups.

The report and press release can be downloaded below.

The report covers

  • The effect of disruptive technology in many sectors
  • Forecasts from futurologists
  • The changing skills requirements of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) based companies
  • Proposals for a restructuring of STEM education to keep pace with rapid technological change

Recommendations in Inventing the Future

  • New-style polytechnics to act as regional innovation hubs
  • Local enterprise partnerships and chambers of commerce to coordinate long term regional STEM education strategy
  • Innovation tax credits to be extended to include technical skills development and specialist capital investment in education
  • The development of differentiated technology clusters across the UK
  • Better exchange of personnel between industry and academia
  • A revolution to teaching and learning approaches

For full article click here.


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