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An Innovation Centre/ Hub/ Lab is “short hand” for presenting a capability or a range of capabilities that could be brought together and clustered to drive innovation effectively. It could be one, or a combination of, the following:

  • An interactive platform with a virtual and/or physical presence
  • A work space, an incubation space, a formation zone, or an R&D centre
  • A social network or knowledge network
  • A branded engagement mechanism

Innovation Centres, Hubs or Labs are often used by organisations to focus their innovation efforts and demonstrate the value from such efforts to the business and its stakeholders. 


Establishing an Innovation Hub provides a structured and cost effective platform that enables a business achieve the following key benefits:

  • Provides a focal point for innovation investment and interactions (e.g. internally and externally)
  • Helps to identify and envision the key innovation clusters (e.g. key disruptive technologies in relation to business lines)
  • Enriches the customer / user experience
  • Informs and shapes the development of new business offerings
  • Facilitates 'Open Innovation' and strengthens collaborative stakeholder engagements
  • Improves enterprise value by demonstrating an organisational commitment to innovation
  • Stimulates creativity and supports positive communication for transformation.   
  • Provides a show casing environment to attract new business and investment.

We will work closely with you through this journey, providing you with clear guidance for the Hub’s implementation and launch.


Technology and knowledge intensive organisations wishing to enhance customer interactions and deliver value to all its stakeholders.


Through an initial facilitated session, the process consists of the following key steps:

  1. Build the business case for what the Innovation Hub will do and secure buy-in
  2. Identify clear unique selling propositions (e.g. 3 USPs)
  3. Form Team-X to drive the innovation interventions
  4. Identify key target markets that form the Hub’s initial focus
  5. Define the Hub’s structure, communications and engagement channels
  6. Build the Hub’s Action Plan and develop its Go-to-Market strategy 
  7. Theme and brand the Hub and its solutions
  8. Plan PR and communication activities to launch Hub successfully
  9. Agree key success measures (and scorecards) 
  10. Launch and win!

The next stage is the Certification phase of the Innovation Centre/ Hub/ Lab.  The process consists of:

  1. Completing the assessment application.
  2. Undertaking an initial Explore and Inform Session (1/2 day).
  3. Validation Panel visit to conduct the assessment and stakeholder interviews. 
  4. The outcomes will be presented to the Innovation Council for final Ratification.
  5. Conferment of the Certification status if approved by the Innovation Council. This will last for a period of 3 years, monitored annually. 

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“Working with the Institute to gain Investor in Innovations status as well as develop an Innovation Hub has been highly beneficial for Highbury College. The IKE expert team of practitioners and advisors has really helped me and the College understand its current innovation capability and has also helped identify gaps to further develop the strategic innovative capability of the organisation. The team are highly knowledgeable and offer extensive networks of experiences which the College is leveraging to develop its growth plans.”
Paul Rolfe, Head of Technology & Innovation, Highbury College, Portsmouth

“We are absolutely delighted to receive the I3 Hub Certification – the whole college works very hard to underpin excellence in innovative practices – from fostering a culture of learning innovation to creating inspirational learning experiences, we demonstrably identify and fulfil industry demand with relevant qualifications, which ultimately make a dramatic difference to individuals, businesses and our local community. As a team we think very differently to provide solutions, and this is the core of our practice underpinning this recognition.”
Audrey Kingham, Deputy Principal, Tyne Met College

“The Innovation Hub at East Berkshire College will enable the College to realise its vision to put employers at the heart of the curriculum.  Empowering employers to shape aspects of the curriculum which improves the employability of learners (STEM, Design and Entrepreneurship).  Additionally employers will have access to a secure creative space to explore innovative solutions in collaboration with students or in seclusion with their teams and business partners.”

Virginia Barrett, Deputy Principal, East Berkshire College

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