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We’re all in crucial survival mode! Managing with clarity to manage ambiguity is the new strategic imperative that business leaders must become more adept at.

Fundamentally, business leaders are "questioning" the validity of their business models today:

  • Are my products and services relevant to today’s context and markets?
  • Does my Business Model continue to offer sustained revenue?
  • Is my Strategy on course to ensure effective delivery of business goals?
  • Are my people ready to embrace change for the new normal?

Establishing a recovery plan is paramount, but to achieve this, leaders need to understand the parameters that govern and affect the ambiguity surrounding their business operations. Only then, through this understanding, will leaders be able to develop new strategies to tackle this ambiguity. Given this inevitable change in direction, will your pre-COVID-19 business strategy hold future currency? And, are traditional business planning tools still relevant anymore?

Therefore, how can you ensure your business processes and operating model adapt within this continuously changing business environment, and how do you search out novel vignettes of growth to build business resilience to combat that increasing ambiguity?

This online webinar will arm you with a new playbook of innovative management practices that will help you to be more flexible, adaptable and digitally-pivot your business to achieve success in an uncertain world.



Prof Sa’ad Sam Medhat

Professor Medhat is Chief Executive of the IKE Institute where he helps businesses and academic institutions develop effective strategies for growth. Medhat is a Trustee of the STEM Foundation, a Visiting Professor to University of Suffolk, a Visiting Professor to Plymouth's University of St Mark & St John, a serial entrepreneur, a business innovator and an inventor with patents and extensive publications and books worldwide. Medhat sits on the boards of a number of international companies and colleges. He is also a member of the BSI and ISO Technical Committees for developing Innovation Management Standards. He has worked in business, education and policy and has a unique perspective on what makes an organisation really innovative. Professor Medhat led innovation accreditations and benchmarking certifications in many multinational organisations such as Abellio, BAE Systems, EDF Energy, Hitachi Nuclear, Magnox, MBDA Missile Systems, Ministry of Defence, Panasonic, Raytheon and Thales amongst others. 

Medhat has an established reputation for driving forward ideas and making things happen. Former roles include Vice President of NASDAQ technology company, IBM Professor of Concurrent Engineering, Intergraph Professor of Electronic Design Automation, founding Principal & Chief Executive of the University of Dubai, Director of the UK Engineering and Technology Board, Governor of Activate Learning (a group of colleges in Oxfordshire and Berkshire). He holds a PhD and Master degrees in engineering and technology and is a fellow of a number of royal chartered professional institutions in technology, management and marketing..



Live online delivery. UK Time Applies. 

Date: 17 June 2020
Time: 09:30 - 11:30

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